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Equity For Punks

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#1 A Edwards
#2 O Basha
#3 S Coull
Funding Tracker
Target: £7,000,000
Equity For Punks Equity For Punks To Date
Raised £3,442,000 £70,442,000
Investors 16,824 109,837
Days Remaining 18 N/A
Referral Benefits

Referral Benefits

In addition to all the perks of investing, you can also score yourself money-can’t-buy additional rewards by referring new friends to invest in Equity for Punks.

When you invest in Equity for Punks, you receive a unique referral code which sits on your account. If you pass this on to a friend who invests and is not already a shareholder, they’ll have the chance to add that code to the relevant field, racking up points and extra rewards for you! Share your unique link and it'll autofill when your pals invest, so it couldn’t be simpler!

5 Referrals Rewards

  • Three limited cans of ‘Hello My Name is….with your name!
  • Three cans of an exclusive beer brewed from BrewDog Columbus, Ohio!

266 Rewarded

10 Referrals Rewards

  • All of the above PLUS
  • Three bottles of an exclusive BrewDog Barrel aged Beer.
  • An Equity for Punks swag bag with a limited release enamel pin set, bar blade and beanie!

54 Rewarded

20 Referrals Rewards

  • All of the above PLUS
  • A limited edition BrewDog Distilling Company Gin
  • A BrewDog jacket

13 Rewarded

30 Referrals Rewards

  • All of the above PLUS
  • A special Equity for Punk black card giving you one free pint of Punk IPA a month for life in any BrewDog bar!

7 Rewarded

40 Referrals Rewards

  • All of the above PLUS
  • Invitation to a DogDay at our brewery in Ellon. Brew an exclusive special edition beer, plus a VIP tour, tasting session and dinner and a Q&A with our directors!

5 Rewarded

League Tables

Top Referrals for the Week

The top 3 referrers each week will get their paws on 3, 2, or 1 bottle of an extremely limited edition barrel-aged beer.

Last Weeks Winners

Position Name
1st Alun Edwards
2nd Omer Basha
3rd Stuart Coull

Congratulations to last week's winners and who have bagged themselves a super coveted beer!

If there are a number of people on the same number of referrals at the end of a week, the prizes will be awarded to those who reach the top three spots first.

This Weeks Standings

Position Name Country Referrals
1st A Edwards United Kingdom 4
2nd M Gadd United Kingdom 3
3rd H Kirkland United Kingdom 2
4th M Allen United Kingdom 2
5th D Millers United Kingdom 2
6th S Marzouk United Kingdom 2
7th D Atkins United Kingdom 2
8th R Atkins United Kingdom 2
9th A Martin United Kingdom 2
10th A Amies United Kingdom 2


The Top Ten referrers from the latest round of Equity for Punks will also get tickets to attend the next BrewDog Airlines flight and a stay in the DogHouse! Here are the names of the current top referrers:

Position Name Country Referrals
1st A Manley United Kingdom 51
2nd R Lord United Kingdom 47
3rd a visram United Kingdom 46
4th C Short United Kingdom 41
5th R Turnbull United Kingdom 41
6th A Edwards United Kingdom 31
7th N Sanderson United Kingdom 30
8th C Kibaris United Kingdom 29
9th S Bovermann Germany 26
10th S Vaisanen Finland 25
11th J Holmes United Kingdom 21
12th K Huefner Germany 21
13th A Cannon United Kingdom 21
14th G Bulman United Kingdom 19
15th S Dixon United Kingdom 17
16th B Nickels United Kingdom 17
17th D Lahti Sweden 17
18th M Boix Chornet Spain 17
19th O Basha Israel 15
20th T Nussbaum Switzerland 14
Equity Punks Map

Number of Equity Punks

Check out where your country ranks in our investor map!

  • 0 - 49
  • 50 - 99
  • 100 - 499
  • 500 - 999
  • 1,000+